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Between the inflation, the pandemic, and the Inflation Reduction Act, now is a scary time to owe back taxes. The bill has passed, granting the IRS $80 billion dollars in funds for their activity. Consequently, we’re expecting a massive increase in the agency’s enforcement. Learn how the Inflation Reduction Act will affect IRS spending.

How will the Inflation Reduction Act will affect IRS spending?

Inflation Reduction Act funds will be added on to the annual money the IRS receives from Congress. This will be about $12.6 billion for 2022. Additionally, the 50% increase will be paid across four departments over the next ten years.

More than half of the funds are specifically going toward enforcement activity. IRS enforcement includes collecting back taxes, conducting criminal investigations, legal support, and monitoring digital assets. The other three areas that will also be supported include:

  • IRS operations- $25 billion for expenses such as rent, printing, postage, and telecommunications.
  • Customer service- $4.8 billion would be used for updating service technology. A callback service is in the talks.
  • Taxpayer assistance- $3 billion would go toward filing and account services or other taxpayer needs.

IRS Collections

With a large budget provided by the Inflation Reduction Act, the IRS is expecting to collect roughly $203 billion in federal tax revenue over the span of a decade. The net federal revenue would increase by more than $124 billion.

Government officials are also expecting the tax gap to close. So, the difference between the amount of taxes being collected and what taxpayers actually owe will be closer.

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