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Client Reviews

Optima Negotiated an Offer in Compromise and Settled Married Couple’s Back Taxes for just $250

Due to circumstances that were out of their control, Penny and her husband, Kenneth ended up with a tax liability of over $10K. They didn’t know where to turn to for help until they heard a commercial for Optima Tax Relief. Penny and Kenneth knew they made the right decision from their first call.

We went right to work to obtain the best resolution for them. They granted us power of attorney to work the case on their behalf. Next, we filed their previously unfiled tax returns and established a currently-not-collectible (CNC) status to prevent further collection action from the IRS. Once we established the CNC status, our tax pros negotiated an offer in compromise with the IRS that resolved their tax liability for only $250.

For anybody out there that’s having problems, believe me, and call Optima Tax. They’ll help you and take care of you.

Penny & Kenneth J. in California

Employees, City of Los Angeles

Optima Negotiated an Offer in Compromise; $41,942 in Back Taxes Settled for $1,350

Chris owed the IRS over $40,000. After hearing about us on the radio, he decided to call us. “Right away, they made me feel at home,” Chris recalls of his first consultation call.

We began our work on Chris’s case as we do for all of our clients, with Chris granting us power of attorney authorizing us to directly engage the IRS on his behalf. Next, we filed his unfiled tax returns and successfully placed him in currently-not-collectible (CNC) status with the IRS to prevent possible collection activities.

Our tax pros then built a case that qualified Chris for an offer in compromise that resolved Chris’s $41,942 tax liability for just $1,350 — 97% percent less than the original amount owed.

I cannot say enough good things about Optima Tax Relief. I recommend Optima Tax Relief to anyone who has a tax problem. Don’t believe me, check with the Better Business Bureau – they have an ‘A’ rating.

Chris C. in California

Employee, City of Los Angeles

Client's $20,000 Tax Liability Resolved for $100 by an Offer in Compromise Negotiated by Optima

Joseph came to Optima after receiving several notices from the IRS regarding his back tax situation. He felt overwhelmed and fearful of what actions the IRS was going to take, recalling, “I owed over $20,000 in back taxes and I couldn’t sleep.” Interest and penalties were being added to his tax bill, so Joseph knew he needed to get help fast. That’s when he decided to call Optima Tax Relief.

Optima took over Joseph’s case and quickly got to work. Optima was able to place Joseph in a currently-not-collectible (CNC) status to keep Joseph protected against any immediate actions from the IRS. While under the CNC status, Optima went on to negotiate an offer in compromise (OIC). The IRS accepted an OIC settlement of just $100, saving Joseph 99% off the original amount sought by IRS!

“Thank you Optima for your professionalism and your dedication to my case. You guys are the best.”

Joseph J. in Ohio

Maintenance Worker

Optima Settles Client’s $177,000 Tax Liabilities for $3,000

After going through a difficult divorce and the market crash of 2007, Daniel fell behind on his taxes. Initially, he owed the IRS $70,000, but over the course of a few years, the penalties and interests caused Daniel’s tax bill to balloon to $177,000. He realized he couldn’t stop this financial spiral alone, so he reached out to Optima for help.

“Boy did they deliver!” said Daniel. Our tax pros swung into action, filing all of Daniel’s unfiled tax returns and setting him up with an installment agreement that stopped the IRS from taking additional actions against Daniel. Our team then pushed Daniel’s case further, ultimately getting the IRS to accept $3,000 to settle Daniel’s entire tax bill. Daniel describes the outcome in one word, “Outstanding!”

I can’t help but recommend them to anybody. I finally reached out and called Optima and I couldn’t be happier.”

Daniel S. in Massachusetts

Inventory Control Specialist

Client Owed $28,000 to the IRS and Optima Negotiated an Offer in Compromise for $1,000

When Jerry received notice from the IRS that he owed $28,000 and they intended to levy him, he was shocked and overwhelmed by the situation. He knew this had to be immediately taken care of before the IRS took any further actions.
Jerry decided to call Optima Tax Relief to help solve his tax issue. Jerry recalled his experience working with Optima saying, “They were quite efficient and prompt, and handled everything…They would keep me in the loop of where my case was at all times, and they would call to make sure that I was comfortable with the entire process.” Optima placed Jerry on an installment agreement (IA) and then obtained currently-not-collectible (CNC) status for him, which protected him from collection actions.
The final step: Optima’s tax pros qualified Jerry for an offer in compromise (OIC), negotiating a settlement of just $1,000 that resolved his unpaid taxes entirely.

“I would definitely recommend Optima Tax Relief to anyone that has a situation with the IRS. They were fantastic.”

Jerry M. in California

Retail Manager

Client owed the IRS $87,000. Optima Negotiates an Offer in Compromise for $100

Several years of financial hardships had placed Nathaniel on the wrong side of the IRS. The IRS had put a tax lien on his assets due to his owing $87,000 in back taxes. Nathaniel recalls, “I was intimated by the IRS and the back taxes that I owed.”

After hearing about Optima Tax Relief on the radio, Nathaniel called us for help. Our tax professionals immediately went to work on his case. First, our team qualified him for currently-not-collectible (CNC) status, which protected him from further IRS collection actions. While the CNC status was in place, Optima negotiated an offer in compromise (OIC). The final result: the IRS accepted Optima’s offer that resolved Nathaniel’s $87,000 tax bill for only $100 and lifted the tax lien the IRS had placed on his assets. “I decided to just call,” says Nathaniel. We’re delighted he did… and proud of the solution our team delivered for him!

I can tell that I wasn’t just a number, and the company got my life back together. So thank you, Optima Tax.”

Nathaniel N. in California

Actor / Choreographer

$13,000 in Back Taxes Resolved For $100!

Charles was facing a bill for IRS back taxes totaling over $13,000. Knowing he needed professional help to solve this problem, he sought help from Optima.

After providing Charles with a free consultation, our tax professionals dove into Charles’ case. Our team started by securing Charles currently-not-collectible (CNC) status with the IRS. Then continued fighting on Charles’ behalf until we negotiated a deal where the IRS accepted an offer in compromise (OIC) that settled his liability for $100!

Charles says, “The process I went through was extremely fair in many ways, and the time it took to reach an offer in compromise – a fresh start – was fair.” And we’re happy to have helped Charles put his IRS issues to rest.

“I can only praise Optima Tax Relief for the help they gave me in resolving back tax issues with the IRS.”

Charles F. in Michigan


Thousands of Dollars Saves Through an Affordable Monthly Installment Agreement

David faced some issues with the IRS when he received an audit and collection notice. Fearful of the IRS’ power to go after everything he owns, David knew he had to act fast and seek help. That is when he came to Optima for help.

When he first contacted Optima, David owed a total of just over $40,000 to the IRS. Through extensive audit reconsideration and working on the case on David’s behalf, Optima was able to bring his liability down and set him up on an excellent and affordable payment plan. “They saved me thousands of dollars,” said David. “These guys and gals are professionals, courteous and they know their stuff.”

“I would recommend them at the highest level for any of your IRS issues.”

David M. in California

Director of Recruiting

From Owing $13,658 to Receiving a Refund of $7,666!

Tisha came to Optima Tax Relief because she needed of assistance with unfiled tax returns, and she was receiving lien notices from the IRS. She was looking at a liability of $13,658 plus several years of unfiled tax returns. Tisha did some research and contacted the Better Business Bureau for clients’ opinions about Optima, and she found them to be all favorable.

By deciding to contact Optima, Tisha had all of her tax returns filed and tax lien notices from the IRS stopped. She said, “I would recommend this service to anyone who finds themselves in the same situation. If you have unfiled tax returns, you have possible tax liens or if you’re getting notifications from the IRS, I would not suggest you attempt this on your own.”

Tisha’s outcome resulted in establishing a zero balance, with a refund due to her for $7,666! “I received not only a tax return for the prior years, but also for the current year, so I got two checks. Thanks Optima!” Now, Tisha’s liens are removed, tax returns are all filed, up-to-date, and she ended up receiving a refund!

“My experience personally, they were very prompt and thorough.”

Tisha S. in Michigan


Optima Worked With The IRS for an Affordable Installment Agreement Plan

With over $20,000 in unpaid taxes, Alejandro felt as though he had been backed against a wall. Not knowing how to go about resolving his tax issues with the IRS, he finally decided to act by seeking some help. After calling several other tax relief companies, Alejandro didn’t get a sense of empathy and devotion as he did with Optima Tax Relief. So, he decided to give Optima the opportunity to resolve his tax issues with the IRS.

Optima was able to negotiate with the IRS on Alejandro’s behalf and secure a final settlement with an affordable monthly payment plan of $240 per month. Delighted by his outcome, Alejandro was finally able to obtain peace of mind!

“Thank you Optima for helping me out on my tax issues with the IRS.”

Alejandro T. in Illinois

Office Clerk

$1,100/month payments reduced to $450/month! $9,000 saved!

John got into contact with Optima Tax Relief after experiencing firsthand the frustrations of being taken advantage of by other tax relief services. He says, “I contacted Optima after researching other companies and actually being taken advantage of by a so-called “IRS Specialist” several years ago that didn’t do anything but cost me a lot of money for nothing.” Naturally, John had some doubts about contacting Optima after his previous experience, but he finally decided to reach out for help with his tax problems.

John owed a total of $54,000 in back taxes to the IRS and was facing $1100 per month in payments. Optima immediately went to work to help John obtain better a result, one he could actually afford. In the end, Optima was able to negotiate with the IRS to reduce John’s monthly payments to $450 per month and reduce his total owed to $45,000.

John said, “I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the case. I’m glad that I contacted Optima to take this weight off my shoulders and relieve some of the stress that has been built up over years of unpaid taxes.” Satisfied with his outcome, John went on to recommend a family member to Optima, who is now a client.

“Several things I liked about Optima was particularly their professionalism, their caring attitude, courteous service and prompt phone calls. Any questions that I had were always answered in a timely manner.”

John J. in Maryland

Team Lead, State Hwy.

“It works!” Optima Saves Client Over $14,000

David owed back taxes to the IRS. He attempted to deal with the tax issue himself, only to find out that he ended up owing over $15,000 to the IRS, and knew he couldn’t resolve this by himself. He said, “I was hesitant…until I saw the advertisements by Optima Tax.”

As soon as David contacted Optima, we got to work on his case by gathering all the necessary documents to go forward with obtaining a resolution. David explains, “They got me an offer in compromise…after everything got done, all the paperwork put in…I paid less than $1,000 dollars for over $15,000 taxes that I owed.” After determining David to be a good OIC candidate, we negotiated with the IRS for a final settlement of only $500! David went from owing just over $15,000 in taxes to owing $500 to the IRS.


“People, if you’re hesitant about joining these companies about helping you with your tax problem, I am a living example. It works. They got me an Offer In Compromise.”

David J. in New York

Operations Supervisor

Client Owes $18,000 to the IRS, Optima Negotiates an OIC of $100

Jerwayne owed $18,000 to the IRS after not filing his taxes for four years. He didn’t know where to begin or who to turn to for help with resolving his tax issue. After watching a TV commercial for Optima Tax Relief, Jerwayne decided to give Optima a call. Optima’s agents immediately took over, taking actions that stopped the IRS from moving forward with collections. And by negotiating with the IRS, our agents were able to secure Jerwayne an Offer in Compromise.

Jerwayne explained, “They were really genuine and caring people, and they got my taxes down from $18,000 to literally $100.” Jerwayne can now move on and live his life free from this stress.

“I recommend these guys completely, 100 percent. It’s not a scam, it’s not fake, it’s real. They will really take care of you.”

Jerwayne W. in California

Automotive Industry

Optima Negotiates an Offer in Compromise, IRS Accepts $50 for Client’s $10,000 Outstanding Tax Bill

Belinda owed a little over $10,000 to the IRS and needed help right away to resolve her tax issue. One day, as she was driving home, she heard Optima’s advertisement on the radio and decided to give Optima a call. Once she made the initial call, Belinda immediately knew she had found the help she needed. She stated, “I spoke with one of the representatives. They were very professional. They were very informative. I decided to go with Optima Tax Relief.”

Once on board, Optima immediately went to work on her case by first negotiating an agreement with the IRS to avoid any collection activities. By preparing Belinda’s unfiled tax returns, Optima was able to get a better analysis of her financials and then move forward to obtaining an Offer In Compromise.

The result: Belinda was able to resolve $10,000 in back taxes by paying only $50 to the IRS. Belinda knows how hard Optima worked on her case, and she said, “They did a very good job.”

“They were there with me from the beginning until the end, and I would definitely, definitely recommend family and friends to Optima Tax Relief.”

Belinda S. in Florida

Resolving $18,000 in back taxes helps retiree “Get her life back”

Dianne owed the IRS a total of $18,000 and was facing garnishment of her wages and possible liens. In addition to being behind with the IRS, Dianne was supporting her daughter who was fighting a serious illness, which made the stress and financial stakes even more extreme. “My life was in chaos,” she stated.

Dianne called us after seeing a TV commercial for Optima Tax Relief. She describes Optima’s tax pros by saying, “They’re professional, personable, accessible, and caring.” From the very first call, she says she knew that she was “getting her life back.”

Optima took over and was able to negotiate an agreement with the IRS that allowed Dianne to avoid the collection actions she was facing; more importantly, Optima negotiated a resolution that gave Diane a monthly payment plan that she could afford.

She sent us this video message as a “thank you”. We want to say, “Thank you” to Diane as well. We are proud to have played an important part in allowing you to get her life back!

“I can attest to Optima’s expertise. Reach out if you need them and put your mind at ease.”

Dianne H. in Tennessee

Several Years and Over $30,000 Back Taxes Resolved for $996!

Before his current job as department manager, Patrick accumulated several years of unfiled tax returns working as a self-employed contractor and ended up with $30,000 in outstanding IRS back taxes.

“I was starting to feel in over my head,” says Patrick. He quickly came to the realization that he needed expert help. That is when he turned to Optima Tax Relief.

As soon as he got in contact with Optima, Patrick immediately recognized he was in good hands. Optima quickly went to work on Patrick’s case and placed him on an affordable monthly installment agreement to remove a lien placed against him and to keep him in full protection. Optima then went on to negotiate an offer in compromise with the IRS that settled Patrick’s $30,000 tax bill for just $996!

Patrick was ecstatic about his final outcome and urges people with IRS tax problems to call Optima. “I was very impressed with their service. They answered every question I had and worked very closely with me throughout the entire process,” says Patrick. “They provide the absolute best help you can get.”

“I couldn’t possibly be happier with Optima Tax and all they’ve done for me!”

Patrick M. in Florida

Department Manager

Calling Optima Tax Relief Changed My Life!

Julie, a self-employed professional in California, knows firsthand just how difficult it can be to calculate your tax bill when you’re a “1099er”. She also knows how scary the IRS can be when they come after you for back taxes.

About a year ago, the IRS served Julie with a whopping tax bill that covered multiple years of past tax filings. They also began taking aggressive collection actions against her. Julie recalls, “I had almost entirely given up any hope.” Trying to resolve her situation on her own was overwhelming, saying that, “It seemed useless. It seemed too big.” Then she called Optima Tax Relief. “That phone call changed my life,” says Julie. Optima’s tax professionals poured over her financial records and began negotiating with the IRS on Julie’s behalf.

The result: “I had a $66,000 tax bill that was settled for $100 with Optima,” Julie exclaims, adding, “I am still in shock.” Without Optima, Julie says, “I couldn’t imagine getting out from underneath that mess.”

In addition, negotiating an Offer-In-Compromise that resolved her case for a fraction of what the IRS initially sought to collect, Julie credits Optima’s world-class Client Service Specialists for their remarkable customer support. “It was an absolutely fantastic experience!” says Julie. “Each person was friendly, professional and prompt with follow up. Great customer service! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their taxes.”

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made that call. Thank you Optima!

Julie A. in California


To this day, Julie remembers making that first call to Optima, saying, “I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made that call. Thank you Optima!”

We’d like to say, “Thank you Julie!” We’re glad you called us too. We’re honored that you chose us to represent you before the IRS and win you the favorable resolution you deserved.

Installment Agreement Turned Currently Non-Collectible

Kenny came to us as a self-employed, freelance Graphic Design Artist. He had been on an Installment Agreement for a tax balance but fell into financial hardship and defaulted on it. That resulted in the IRS rescinding the agreement and demanding the entire balance due. Otherwise they threatened to file Federal Tax Liens against him. He owed just over $10,500. “At this point I had no idea what I was going to do,” said Kenny.

When Optima stepped in, we immediately had a hold on IRS collection activity approved. From there we were able to prove his financial hardship and place Kenny in a Currently Non Collectible status. But we weren’t done yet. Ultimately, we were able to get the IRS to accept an Offer in Compromise on Kenny’s behalf which settled the liability for a total of $100. He now says, “Now that my case is settled, I can once again enjoy life and not worry about the IRS.” Glad we could help Kenny!

“If I ever had questions, answers were only a phone call or email away… now my case is settled I can once again enjoy life.”

Kenny C. in Arizona

Graphic Design Artist

Let Optima Tax Relief Help

Call 1-800-536-0734 for a free consultation.

Let Optima Tax Relief Help

Call 1-800-536-0734 for a free consultation.