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Reduced Refunds: Will Your Refund Be Garnished?
You may have already received your tax documents for the 2022 season and it’s time to file. Many taxpayers experience some anxiety around filing season because of uncertainty. Will you owe the IRS? Will your refund be garnished? There are a few instances where you can expect the IRS to reduce your refund, or garnish the whole thing.

Side Hustles and Taxes: What You Need to Know
Philip Hwang, Lead Tax Attorney, and Optima CEO, David King provide useful tips so that you can understand whether or not you owe, and when you should file your side-hustle income.

Pending Status on Previous Tax Returns Can Delay this Year’s Return
Millions of Americans have been waiting for tax returns and refunds from previous years, causing even more delay for 2022. If your returns from last year are still pending, then your return will be delayed this year as well.

Court Upholds Rulings on Passport Denial for those with Major Tax Debt
Trips that require a passport, however, may be postponed for Americans with tax debt. The IRS previously authorized State Departments to revoke or deny your passport if you have delinquent tax debt.