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Optima CEO David King Shares His Thoughts on BBB Award for Ethics

Optima Tax Relief was recognized as the sole Category 4 recipient of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) International Torch Awards for Ethics. The award is a prestigious honor bestowed upon businesses that demonstrate a strong commitment to integrity, transparency, and ethical decision-making. Optima CEO, David King, has since spoken to the BBB about the award and the company’s commitment to ethical business practices.  

He emphasizes the importance of the BBB’s Four Cs in Optima’s business practices. 


King emphasized the importance of placing integrity at the forefront of every business decision. He highlighted that maintaining honesty and transparency, even in tough situations, built trust with customers, employees, and stakeholders, ultimately contributing to the company’s success. 


According to King, ethical business practices involve empowering employees and fostering a positive work environment. By prioritizing employee well-being and providing opportunities for growth, Optima has created a culture of trust and collaboration. 

Customer Relationships 

King stressed the significance of maintaining strong and ethical relationships with customers. This involves delivering quality service, being transparent, and actively improving the customer experience. 


King believes that businesses have a responsibility to engage with and contribute to their communities. Ethical practices extend beyond the office walls, and Optima Tax Relief actively participates in initiatives that benefit the local community.  

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