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Calling Optima Tax Relief Changed My Life!

Julie A. in California – self-employed

Julie, a self-employed professional in California, knows firsthand just how difficult it can be to calculate your tax bill when you’re a “1099er”. She also knows the how scary the IRS can be when they come after you for back taxes.

About a year ago, the IRS served Julie with a whopping tax bill that covered multiple years of past tax filings. They also began taking aggressive collection actions against her.

Julie recalls, “I had almost entirely given up any hope.” Trying to resolve her situation on her own was overwhelming, saying that, “It seemed useless. It seemed too big.” Then she called Optima Tax Relief. “That phone call changed my life,” says Julie. Optima’s tax professionals poured over her financial records and began negotiating with the IRS on Julie’s behalf.

The result:

“I had a $66,000 tax bill that was settled for $100 with Optima,” Julie exclaims, adding, “I am still in shock.” Without
Optima, Julie says, “I couldn’t imagine getting out from underneath that mess.”

In addition, negotiating an Offer-In-Compromise that resolved her case for a fraction of what the IRS initially sought to collect, Julie credits Optima’s world-class Client Service Specialists for their remarkable customer support. “It was an absolutely fantastic experience!” says Julie. “Each person was friendly, professional and prompt with follow up. Great customer service! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their taxes.”

To this day, Julie remembers making that first call to Optima, saying, “I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made that call. Thank you Optima!”

We’d like to say, “Thank you Julie!” We’re glad you called us too. We’re honored that you chose us to represent you before the IRS and win you the favorable resolution you deserved.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made that call. Thank you Optima!.
Julie A.

Installment Agreement turned Currently Non-Collectible.

Kenny C. AR – Graphic Design Artist

Kenny came to us as a self employed, freelance Graphic Design Artist. He had been on an Installment Agreement for a tax balance but fell into financial hardship and defaulted on it. That resulted in the IRS rescinding the agreement and demanding the entire balance due. Otherwise they threatened to file Federal Tax Liens against him. He owed just over $10,500. “At this point I had no idea what I was going to do,” said Kenny.

When Optima stepped in, we immediately had a hold on IRS collection activity approved. From there we were able to prove his financial hardship and place Kenny in a Currently Non Collectible status. But we weren’t done yet. Ultimately, we were able to get the IRS to accept an Offer in Compromise on Kenny’s behalf which settled the liability for a total of $100. He now says, “Now that my case is settled, I can once again enjoy life and not worry about the IRS.” Glad we could help Kenny!

If I ever had questions, answers were only a phone call or email away... now my case is settled I can once again enjoy life.
Kenny C.

The IRS agreed and accepted $500 as a payment in-full and closed their case against Keith.

Keith W. CA – Truck Driver.

Keith, a truck driver in California, faced issues surrounding the past 10 years of his tax filings. The IRS threatened Keith with Intent-to-Levy notices and aggressive collections for $60,000. “It was real intimidating,” says Keith.

Knowing that the IRS had the power to come after everything he owned and earned, Keith sought help from Optima Tax Relief.

Optima’s team amazed Keith by immediately stopping the IRS from acting on their Intent-to-Levy. With the immediate fire put out, Optima built a bullet proof Offer-In-Compromise case.

End result? Keith ended up paying $500 instead of the $60,000 sought by the IRS. The IRS agreed and accepted $500 as a payment in-full and closed their case against Keith.

Within six months to a year I'm back on track...
Keith W.

Optima reduces monthly Installment from $5,000 to only $300

Tyler G. – Recession Hits Realtor

Tyler G is a self-employed realtor. During the recent recession caused by the housing crisis, Tyler fell behind on his taxes by several years. He received a letter from a Revenue Officer at the IRS indicating he would be required to make payments towards his $166,000 liability. In good faith, Tyler contacted the Revenue Officer and completed financial forms to determine what amount he could afford. He was notified that he would be expected to pay $5,000 per month and that he faced a possible bank levy if he failed to comply. Tyler could not afford this amount and he contacted Optima.

The team at Optima visited with the Revenue Officer after conducting a detailed analysis of Tyler’s case. Optima structured an installment agreement which brought down his monthly obligation from $5,000 to only $300 for the first three years of the payment plan. Moreover, Tyler’s total tax liability was reduced by $30,000. Tyler was very pleased with the result and now advises others that are in similar circumstances to get professional representation immediately.

Currently Non Collectible

I thought I was saving money by talking to the IRS first, but it ended up almost costing me everything.
Tyler G.

Currently Non-Collectible Status, Stopping All Collection by the IRS

Doris B. – Ongoing Tax Liability

Doris B. came to Optima after years of trying to work through troubles with the IRS. On permanent disability and a fixed income of just over $1,100, per month she currently lives with her daughter. Doris had made several arrangements in good faith with the IRS, but the amount the IRS required was unaffordable. As a result, scheduled payments were missed getting her into more troubles and incurring more penalties and interest. Doris’ first experience with a tax negotiation firm was a fiasco. The company made promises that were not kept and just asked for more and more fees while never accomplishing anything.

As of April of 2013, Doris faced a liability of $17,326 and had not yet filed for 2012. In addition, she had accumulated a great deal of penalties for non-compliance in past tax filings. We were able to establish a Currently Non-Collectible status, thereby stopping all collection attempts. Subsequently, we presented Doris’ case to the IRS and were able to prove that paying her tax debt would create undue hardship in her life. At completion of negotiations, the IRS agreed to accept a settlement offer of $50 as payment in full. When asked how she felt about the outcome of her case, Doris replied simply, “For the first time in a long time, I can breathe.”


For the first time in a long time, I can breathe.
Doris B.

Optima Worked with IRS for an Inheritance Tax Settlement

Jonathan V. CA – Generous Inheritance.

Jonathan’s father passed away a couple of years ago and left him an inheritance. As good as his dad’s intentions were, Jonathan had to pay taxes on the money because dad didn’t take the appropriate steps that would have prevented that. The tax liability was $22,420 plus an unfiled tax return. Jonathan was able to set himself up on a monthly installment agreement with the IRS but since he’s currently unemployed, it became unaffordable for him and his wife.

Optima Tax Relief gathered all of their pertinent financial information and completed a thorough investigation of their situation. We discovered that the he was not only eligible for a Currently Non Collectible status but we were able to complete an Offer in Compromise for $100, saving them $22,340. Now they get to actually keep the inheritance from his generous dad!

Optima attorneys were prompt and got me out of the situation I was in...
Jonathan V.

Factory worker was offered an Agreed Settlement by the IRS

Randy & Jo R. – Disabled Factory Worker, IN.

“We have worked so hard all our lives and now we are losing everything.” That was a quote taken from an email sent to us by our clients. Randy & Jo had been struggling. They are raising their two grandkids and live on a fixed income. They almost lost their home to the bank and spent their retirement savings to save it. Jo suffered a back injury which required surgery and placed her on disability. This in turn caused her clinical depression. When they called Optima Tax Relief, they owed over $42,000 to the IRS, still had to file their latest year returns, were about to have his wages garnished and were out of options.

Optima Tax Relief was able to put an immediate hold on the collection activity. That afforded us the time we needed to conduct a full review of their financial situation. We discovered we were able to place our clients in a Currently Non Collectible Status. Because of their financial hardship, we were able to further negotiate for them and lower their balance to $100 and save Randy & Jo $44,888!


Optima lowered our back taxes all the way down to $100... I just couldn't ask for anything better.
Jo R.

Optima Worked with IRS for an Agreed Settlement


Walter C. is a pastor of his church in California. He and his wife live a modest life with a combined income of just over $60k/year. Like so many of us, they live paycheck to paycheck. They owed the IRS $125,771.07 for tax years 2000 – 2011. Because of penalties and interest their balances grew to over $150k. The IRS was actively pursuing them, was unwilling to negotiate, froze their bank accounts and started garnishing their wages. They decided to contact Optima…

Optima Tax Relief was able to stop the collection activity almost immediately. By working together with our clients, we were able to place them in a Currently Non-Collectible status. Then we worked on getting the IRS to agree to a settlement of the balance. Ultimately, we reduced their debt down to a total of $500. We also educated them on making estimated tax payments throughout the year to avoid owing again in the future. The IRS is off their back and the dark cloud has been lifted!

IRS Settlement Letter

According to IRS I owed IRS over 150k, Optima was very helpful and gave me the sense of relief that I will get pass this and I did.
Walter C.

Optima Helps Disabled Man and His Family Find Relief


Roger was a Printshop Manager out of Texas before a medical heart condition caused him to become permanently disabled. His income dropped by 2/3rds because of that. He was not able to afford his taxes and wound up owing $10,767 to the IRS. He created a payment arrangement with them but it was not affordable based on his new disability income and was going to take years to pay off. Their family pulled together and his wife and son started helping as much as they could financially. But it still wasn’t enough and unfortunately they lost their home to foreclosure.

Roger kept hearing Optima Tax Relief ads on the radio and reluctantly decided to call. His wife was afraid we would take their money and not do anything to actually help. They researched us online as much as they could and were still nervous. They decided they had to do something and took a leap of faith. Almost immediately, we were able to stop the monthly payment by placing them into a currently non-collectible status with the IRS. From there we filed their current year tax return which got them a maximum refund. The refund was applied to reduce their balance. Lastly we negotiated an offer in compromise with the IRS. When all was said and done, Optima reduced the balance down to $100, saving them $10,667 or 99.07% of their balance!

IRS Settlement Letter

I was very pleased with the work Optima did, and appreciated that Optima is willing to work with me on its payment services.
Roger R.

Optima Helps Florida Man Get Back On His Feet


George is a sub-contractor out of Florida. His business was hit hard with our struggling economy. In order to stay afloat, he had to stop withholding his earnings for taxes. That resulted in him owing $42,838 over 6 different tax years. When the IRS caught up to him, he was placed into collections and had a lien placed against his home which is when he decided to contact Optima.

Optima Tax Relief reassessed his filed returns and financial statements. We filed adjusted returns and were able to get an Offer in Compromise for $100 approved. That saved the client $42,738 – 99.76% of the balance! The lien against his home was lifted and now the client plans on refinancing his home to a lower interest rate which will save him even more every month!

IRS Settlement Letter

I know I owed $42,000 in taxes and they just put a lien on my house... I would have been in a lot worse position if I didn't hire you guys in the first place.
George C.

Client in Hardship Owed $35,779. Optima Settled it for $100


John A., out of Illinois ran into difficult times. He had some medical issues that required his hospitalization. As a result, he lost his job. He depleted his retirement savings to live on and had to file bankruptcy. As a condition of the bankruptcy he had to voluntarily surrender his home to the bank as a short sale. Beyond all of this, he ended up owing a total of $35,779 in taxes because of the early distribution of his retirement funds. The IRS had placed a wage levy against John by the time he decided to call us.

Optima stepped in and immediately got the wage levy released. From there, we prepared and filed his tax return for 2011 which the client had not filed. We were able to prove his hardship to the IRS Revenue Office who approved a currently non-collectible status. This gave us the time to collect further financials and documents. Ultimately, Optima achieved an offer in compromise that reduced the debt liability to $100. That saved John $35,679 or 99.72% of what he originally owed.

Currently Non-Collectible Chart

Optima was very helpful to me at the beginning to understand what my potential rights were and the end result were far better than what I ever expected.
John A.

Revenue Officer Returns $25K Wage Levy


Keith B., an insurance sales professional, had not filed his tax return for years. He owed over $80,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest. Keith’s IRS Revenue Officer filed a SFR (Substitute For Return) which lead to a $24,488 wage garnishment against Keith’s quarterly insurance sales commissions payout and a $2,000 bank account levy.

One of Optima’s Tax Preparation Professionals helped Keith itemize his expenses and maximize his deduction. Additionally, the assigned Case Manager and one of our top Tax Attorneys, Steve Yonan, worked closely to convince the Revenue Officer to cancel the levy on wages and accept a reasonable payment plan from Keith. In the end, revenue officer released the full $24,488 levied from wages and accepted a reasonable payment plan for Keith.

Currently Non-Collectible Chart

Keith had learned about tax guideline and I believe the experience had made him more aware of how to stay compliant with tax returns.
Steve Yonan, Tax Attorney

A Farm Saved with Optima In Tennessee


Keith C., a retired farmer working additionally as a truck driver, had not filed his tax returns for over 10 years, owing over $90,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest. The revenue officer assigned to this case had levied his bank account and social security income. In fact, his farm was about to be seized by the IRS.

Optima intervened and convinced the revenue officer to remove the levy, realize the hardship, and accept a currently non-collectible status from the client. Meanwhile, our team continued to demonstrate that the client’s situation did not improve while within the 10-year statute of limitations. Because of this, the debt owed to the IRS will become non-collectible and no other form of tax resolution will be necessary.

Currently Non-Collectible Chart

Mr. C. hadn’t filed in over 10 years, his SSI and paycheck were being garnished, and an enforcement agent had been on the scene several times. It was important that we lift the garnishment and protect his free and clear home. I enjoyed helping Mr. C. protect his assets from garnishment.
Lauren Asuncion, Case Manager

Self-Employed Plumber Owed $22,200 and Pending Settlement for $744


Tim W., a self-employed plumber, making about $2,000 with disposible income of $744 each month develops an outstanding IRS debt of $20,200 due to incorrect accounting advice he received. This Client had been given until March of 2012 to file back tax returns for 2009 and 2010.

Optima approached this resolution process in two phases. In phase 1, the auditor was persuaded to accept a financial hardship, thereby placing the taxpayer in currently non-collectible status. A few months later this client satisfied the statute of limitations on 2003 back taxes which mandated a year of currently non-collectible status. In phase 2, Optima demonstrated that collection of the taxes owed would be unfair and inequitable. Subsequently, an offer-in-compromise was submitted to the IRS which lead to an pending settlement of just $744.

Offer in Compromise Chart

Dale thanks again so much for going the extra mile on my case I was really worried about how I was going to finally get my taxes in order, there was some pressing issues I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get handled, Optima tax financial department director really came through for me ...
Tim W.
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