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Ask Phil: What is a Tax Attorney?

Today, Phil explains what a tax attorney is, including what it takes to become one and how they can help you with your tax issues. 

What is a Tax Attorney? 

A tax attorney is a legal professional who specializes in tax law. They are trained and experienced in dealing with complex tax issues, including tax planning, compliance, disputes, and litigation. One of the privileges they have is being able to represent taxpayers before tax authorities, such as the IRS.  

Becoming a Tax Attorney 

What does it take to become a tax attorney? For one, it means going to and completing law school. It also means passing the bar exam. However, they shouldn’t stop there. Staying updated on changes in tax laws and regulations is essential for tax attorneys to effectively advise their clients and navigate complex tax issues.  

Tax attorneys can make a significant impact on their clients’ financial well-being by helping them minimize tax liabilities, resolve disputes with tax authorities, and plan for the future. Just be sure to vet your attorney to ensure they are qualified to represent you before the IRS. Rest assured, the attorneys and enrolled agents at Optima Tax Relief can help.  

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Assigned an IRS Revenue Officer? Hire a Tax Professional!

Owing a tax liability means that individuals are at a higher risk of falling into collections with the IRS. Optima CEO David King and Lead Tax Attorney Philip Hwang explain the risks taxpayers face when handling a tax liability on their own, as well as the benefits of hiring a tax professional to help you when dealing with a revenue officer. 

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