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Can You Use Cryptocurrency to Pay Taxes?
While cryptocurrency has left many people skeptical of its value, the American government is validating its use with some surprising changes in taxes. In the last few years, states have been racing to make cryptocurrency mainstream, in hopes that one day Americans can use it to pay their taxes.

Can the IRS Garnish Your Social Security?
Many taxpayers rely on Social Security to get by after retiring. Unfortunately, taxpayers with outstanding tax liabilities may be at risk of a levy on their retirement funds. How much can the IRS take and what should you do? CEO David King and Lead Tax Attorney Phillip Hwang discuss everything you need to know about Social Security garnishments.

2022 IRS Interest Rates Increase
Beginning April 1, 2022, the IRS will raise its interest rates for the quarter. These changes apply to quarterly taxpayers, such as corporations and self-employed filers.

Reporting Cryptocurrency to the IRS
The topic of crypto gains more mainstream attention as the IRS takes interest in digital assets. In early March, the IRS sent out about 10,000 letters to taxpayers with digital asset transactions, requiring them to report ownership.