Darrell Ward’s Story: “Having Optima on my side was priceless.”

On his hit TV show, Darrell Ward is famous for being able to handle anything in his big-rig. But when a real-life problem with the IRS threatened his livelihood, he turned to Optima.

Darrell was kind enough to invite us over to his home and talk to us about trucking, taxes and how Optima saved him from losing his assets (and his dog).

Even before he became a celebrity trucker with a hit show on TV, Darrell Ward had a reputation within the trucking industry for being the best. His famous mantra of “Any load, any road” speaks to his ability for to deliver no matter what conditions Mother Nature throws at him.

“32 years of driving deadly roads has taught me that experience matters,” Darrell says, “Make the right decision and you arrive at your destination on-time and with your load intact. Make the wrong move, and you’re jackknifed in a ditch…or worse.”

When an IRS tax problem threatened to wreck his trucking business and personal finances, he recognized the danger and turned to the company he knew had the experience to get him home safe with the IRS.

“Icy roads, white outs, I can handle that. Negotiating with the IRS… I didn’t want to tackle that on my own. Dealing with IRS is serious business and I wanted to be sure that I had the best tax professionals on my case. That’s why I hired Optima.”

“They’re resolved my tax problem like true pros. They moved fast to protect my paycheck, my trucks and my business. I really appreciated their professionalism. Whenever I had a question they had an honest answer.”

His advice to his friends, fans, and fellow truckers: “Don’t let the IRS roll over you. Call Optima. I recommend them to anyone with an IRS problem.”

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